My experience in the program changed my life in that I began taking CKD off the back burner. It’s okay to open up and talk about it. What I learned about myself through this experience is that I’m in the driver’s seat. I’d tell other patients, ‘Give it a try, like I did. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain!’ There’s a window of opportunity to do what you can to stay in control.



ZealCare for Better Health, Improved Quality of Life, and Greater Care Satisfaction

Living with multiple chronic conditions means you have many needs, and sometimes it can feel daunting. That’s why ZealCare surrounds you with all the resources you need to regain your health. You will be partnered with a live dedicated  health coach to help you take control of your health and also paired with a fun and engaging community of peers experiencing similar health concerns so you never feel alone in your journey. 

Our Powerful Combination Empowers You To Take Control Of Your Health

The intensive, human-centered program boosts your confidence to take control of your health by enhancing your knowledge and skills for better health and disease management. Hear what Nora D, from North Carolina, had to say about her experience in the program: 

Join the fun and engaging program

Hear from our founders, coach, and alum about the experience. 

ZealCare Makes Changing For Better Health A Lot Easier

Have More Say
In Your Care

Get Personalized Support
From A Trusted Coach

Coordinated Care

Have The Energy To
Do Things You Enjoy

Feel A Sense Of Community
With Peers

Experience A Whole-Person

Once you join the ZealCare Program, you will meet virtually in your ZealGroup to learn about topics related to your health and chronic conditions. You will get support from a compassionate and highly-trained ZealCoach and meet peers with similar health needs to support and learn from each other. And relax, your health care team will still be in the loop.

If your provider or health system offers access to ZealCare, please contact us to get started on your personalized health journey.

The ZealCare Program Is A Proactive, High-Touch, Whole-Person Experience

Everyone has their unique health risks, lifestyle choices, and goals for their health. Our personalized program empowers you to reclaim your life through health. You’re in the driver’s seat now!

Access Care In The Convenience And Safety Of Your Home