We’re supporting the health care industry’s move to value

ZealCare collaborates with organizations looking for innovative, cost-effective solutions to better manage the care of populations living with complex chronic diseases.

ZealCare works to ensure continuity of care with our customers

Risk-bearing providers

Government and private payers

Self-funded employers

We’re improving clinical outcomes and delivering meaningful cost savings

ZealCare increases the impact of the health care team by supporting patients in reaching their treatment goals. We’re synergizing with the patients’ existing health care team and care plan to ensure a seamless care experience.

ZealCare customers can expect to see results

Improve Clinical Outcomes

  • Improved blood glucose control, decreased HbA1C levels
  • Improved blood pressure
  • Reduction in BMI
  • Increased physical activity
  • Better medication adherence and management

Material Cost Savings

  • Reductions in admission and hospitalization
  • Decreased ED visits
  • Cost avoidance achieved by moderating disease progression

Greater Provider Capacity

  • A professional coach that augments their care for patients
  • A product suite that extends health and disease education for patients

Higher Patient Engagement & Satisfaction

  • Good program adherence
  • High levels of program satisfaction
  • Increased feeling of quality of care
  • Improved sense of trust in provider

Sustained Behavioral Change

  • Disease-specific health self-management skills
  • Positive general self-reported health
  • Improved patient-reported quality of life

We’re supporting the health care industry’s move to value