The ZealCare solution curates community and helps patients realistically navigate the journey to better health

ZealCare is a radically different solution for improving outcomes for patients with chronic conditions. Our new paradigm for care curbs the progression and cost of complex chronic diseases by helping people regain their health and well-being in coordination with their health care team. By combining their provider’s therapeutic plan into our program, we ensure care is aligned and effective. 

The ZealCare program has been built on decades of validated best practices founded at Duke Health’s Center for Personalized Health Care. We took what worked and combined it into a synergistic solution that amplifies traditional health care and condition management, builds community, and leads to long-term success.

The ZealCare experience is fun, engaging, and connects individuals to intensive tools that support proactive and personalized care. At the same time, the health care teams have greater capacity, can provide continuity of care, balance their workload, achieve satisfaction with patient outcomes, and succeed in meeting scorecard metrics.

The ZealCare Suite Synergizes:

Personalized health care

✓ Empowers participants to develop meaningful health goals and achieve them in partnership with their clinician
✓ Encourages health and disease self-management through a curriculum that’s easy to understand and increases participants’ knowledge, skills, and confidence
✓ Equips participants with personalized health planning skills for the long-term

Peer-to-peer social support

✓ Connects participants with similar health needs in a small group, virtual setting
✓ Provides peer-to-peer support, knowledge sharing, ideas exchange, and builds community
✓ Protects individuals against social isolation and loneliness, which COVID-19 has exacerbated

Integrative health coaching

✓ Promotes deep engagement and trust through personal support from a compassionate, certified health coach
✓ Uses integrative health coaching techniques to help participants maximize their whole health and well-being
✓ Offers proven techniques that are more intensive and effective than digital health coaching for sustained behavior change

Mindfulness practice

✓ Strengthens mental and emotional resilience using mindfulness and meditation techniques
✓ Emphasizes the mind-body connection as well as whole-person health

Analytics & technology

✓ Equips clinical teams with the insights to identify individuals likely to benefit from our solutions
✓ Schedules and connects participants on a secured health coaching platform
✓ Streamlines information-sharing among clinical teams, coaches, and participants for coordinated care
✓ Provides participants with motivating and enabling digital tools

ZealCare’s high-touch solutions combine intensive human support with deep personalization. Our product suite uses tech-enabled integrative health coaching and peer group support to deliver live sessions to cohorts of eight to 10 participants.

The whole-person approach works for any disease cluster that can be affected by behavior change

Initial product offerings include the next-gen approach for type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and congestive heart failure.

Type 2 diabetes is often associated with hypertension and cardiovascular disease. When any of these are poorly controlled, it can lead to progressive chronic kidney disease.

Diabetes with chronic kidney disease often leads to the need for dialysis or a kidney transplant. Kidney failure causes the quality of life to tumble and health care expenses to skyrocket.

ZealCare is easy for clinicians to recommend and engaging for patients

Advanced analytics identify participants and support continued engagement to drive positive behavior change. Ongoing monitoring and a virtual peer community are also offered for sustained health outcomes.

ZealCare improves outcomes and decreases costs

The ZealCare solution for Diabetes has been shown to have a 6:1 ROI, saving costs of around $500 per member per month compared to a control group who did not engage in the program. That’s around $11,700 annually per patient. For patients with CHF, the ZealCare solution has shown to decrease costs by 85%, or a sustained savings of $13,481.